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4×6″ Sealed-Beam Outer Lights


This is a pair of lights. Globes included.

These headlights are designed to fit any car with twin rectangular lights on each side (4 lights in total). If your car has single headlights on each side (2 lights in total), see our 5×7 listing.

They are a direct replacement of your normal sealed or semi sealed headlights.

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These are H4 3 pin High and Lo beam lights.

These are an all rounder wide angle and good distance light. Fabulous for seeing the edge of the road as well as the road well ahead.

Fitting is dead easy. Remove the outer metal retainer (4 screws) and the light falls forward into your hands. Just unplug the old and plug in the new. Reposition the light and screw in the retainer and you are done. There is no need to remove the grill or headlight surrounds.

The light is entirely made of glass. The glass reflector has a super reflective silver film on the inside. The flat glass lens is rippled vertically on the inside so as to disperse light sideways.

These are sealed lights, which means they have a built in globe. Low beam is 40W and High Beam is 60W. No need to change wiring. They plug straight in.

Being sealed they are totally waterproof. It is a vacuum inside, which means no moisture and condensation and no rusting. The big advantage of these sealed beams is that they can never take in water.

Common vehicles these fit into include:

  • Toyota Landcruiser 80 series
  • Toyota Landcruiser 62 series
  • Pontiac Trans Am
  • Plethora of other old American cars
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 26 cm

12V, 24V


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