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5 3/4″ RGB LED Lights (4 Lights)


This is a full car package designed for cars with 4 round headlights. Includes 4 JTX LED Headlights and 4 mounting brackets.

The lights themselves are road legal, but the RGB halos are for off road use only.

Here’s a video of the lights in action.

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Note, these lights do not flash amber with indicator like our standard lights do.

These are 5 3/4″ round headlights and they fit all 5 3/4″ (143mm or 146mm) round applications. If your car has twin round headlights on either side (4 headlights in total), these are the lights for you.

Use your smartphone to connect to the lights using Bluetooth and change the colours using the Happy Lighting App (available in app stores). Choose from an infinite number of different options using the colour wheel feature or use the preset colours.

All of our JTX LED headlights are plug and play using your regular 3 pin H4 socket.

JTX LED lights are made by us here in Melbourne. We carry all the components to make up all colour combinations. We make them up and send next day or even same day if we know soon enough. We are the only manufacturer of LED headlights in Australia – please consider supporting Australian businesses.

These are unbreakable. They come with a lifetime warranty and we will replace a light even if it is damaged in a collision.

They are a direct replacement of your normal 5 3/4″ round sealed or semi sealed head lights. It seemed every type of car was different which created an issue with circuit board re-sizing and also placement and mounting of the projector lenses. So in the end we came up with our universal mounting kit, which replaces your old mounting brackets and come in this kit.


  • The lights have a depth of 65mm.
  • Headlight amp draw: 3A each.
  • Halo amp draw: 0.35A each.
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 26 × 23 cm


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