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5×7″ Spreads w/ Halo

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This is a pair of lights. Globes not included.

These headlights are designed to fit any car with single rectangular lights on each side. If your car has twin headlights on each side, see our 4×6 headlights.

They are a direct replacement of your normal sealed or semi sealed headlights.

Note that only white or amber halo can be on while driving on the road. If you prefer a different colour then you will need to exercise discretion when you choose to have it on.

These lights are one colour only, if you’re after halo’s which can indicate and have a DRL, see our LED Lights

These are multi purpose hi and low beam lights. They will definitely out-perform the standard lights. The reflector is smooth curved metal and the glass is rippled to spread the light wide and downwards to the right in a kidney bean shape so as to not blind oncoming cars. That’s what makes them DOT / ADR compliant and legal on our roads in Australia. But when you hit high beam the light is higher and out to both sides.

These lights are semi sealed. That means they take globes and they have a rubber boot that prevents dust and water from getting into the light.

These take the H4 3 pin High and Low beam globes which is universally standard for all 5×7″ lights. Globes are not included with the lights as we offer a variety of globe options.

The face (Lens) is glass and the backing (Reflector) is steel. There is no plastic in these lights and they can run super hot globes and there will be no fading or discoloration.

They have a 12 month replacement warranty against manufacture faults, discoloration or fading, rust or corrosion or anything that makes them not look good or function properly – Cant get better than that.

We also supply these with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so if you receive the lights and they don’t fit or function to your expectations just arrange to send them back for either a different type of light or a refund – that is your 30 day choice.

Common vehicles these fit into include:

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota MR2
  • Holden Rodeo
  • Holden Torana
  • Honda Prelude

Wiring up the Day Running Lights is very easy. There are just 2 wires for the DRL – a power and an earth. The most common set up is to connect the power to the park lights but you could choose to have them come on with the ignition or you can also have a manual on/off switch inside the car.

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 18 cm
Halo Colour

White, Amber, Red, Green, Blue

1 review for 5×7″ Spreads w/ Halo

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    Very happy with the lights

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