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7″ Custom LED (Pair)

(58 customer reviews)


This is one pair of lights.

These are our famous 7 Inch LED Headlights, featuring impressive range, good spread, colourful halos and are indestructible. These draw less power than your regular halogen / HID globes too, and are ADR compliant, meaning they’re legal in every state.

If you select the Toyota option, these lights will come with a pair of CANBUS Load Modules to make the lights compatible with your Toyota.

These are 7″ round headlights and they fit all 7″ round applications. We have sold thousands and we are yet to have a car with 7″ lights they don’t fit. They are to suit Australian left side of road and are legal in all states. In fact they have ADR cert stamped on the lens and come with an ADR reference sheet.

JTX LED lights are made by us here in Melbourne. We carry all the components to make up all colour combinations. We make them up and send next day or even same day if we know soon enough. We are the only manufacturer of LED headlights in Australia – please consider supporting Australian businesses.

These are unbreakable. They come with a lifetime warranty and we will replace a light even if it is damaged in a collision.

They have breathers so as to avoid fogging or condensation and we have a breather kit option (just like diff breathers) for the serious off roader likely to do bonnet depth creek crossings. JTX are the preferred light chosen by the off road racing guys.

Wiring up the Day Running Lights is very easy They get their earth through the 3 pin H4 headlight socket. The red wire is to power the primary DRL colour, so wire that to the parkers or to a power source that comes on with the ignition. The yellow wire powers the secondary colour which is typically amber in which case connect to indicator or to a separate switch if you have a twin colour set up like red and white.

  • With the white/amber version, the DRL Halo will turn off and flash Amber when indicating, two seconds after indicating the DRL comes back on. All other combinations don’t have an indicator option.


  • The lights have a depth of 65mm and 178mm in diameter.
  • Headlight amp draw: 3A each.
  • Halo amp draw: 0.35A each.
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 12 cm

Chrome, Black

Coloured Halo

No Halo, White / Amber, White / Amber (Tinted), Red / White, Blue / White, Purple / White, Green / White, Red / Amber, Blue / Amber, Purple / Amber, Green / Amber, Amber / Amber

Is this for a Toyota/Suzuki?

Yes, No


12v, 24v

58 reviews for 7″ Custom LED (Pair)

  1. Ricky (verified owner)

    Easiest set up to use and works better than any other lights I’ve seen

  2. Hayley (verified owner)

    These are super bright! I 100% love having these on my Sierra

  3. Derek Recsei (verified owner)

    Sooo much better than the old headlights in brightness and in less current drawn, and hopefully in longevity too.

  4. Ian Macpherson (verified owner)

    these look fantastic, and the build quality looks awesome, cant wait to install. And will add further when installed.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Well worth the upgrade and money

  6. Matthew Richardson (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Matthew Richardson
  7. Jayde Sleep (verified owner)

    when ordering it gives you the option for Toyota or Suzuki, i assumed that would mean it would come with the wiring needed to “plug and play”. So i didn’t worry about ordering the resistor module therefore my spotlight and high beam dash light didn’t not work. it was an easy fix with 2x 21A resistors.

  8. Brenden Lumby (verified owner)

    Just need to sell the resistors with the wiring kit to get high beam light to work.

  9. Anthony de Ruiter (verified owner)

  10. Callum (verified owner)

    Haven’t fitted the lights as yet but they seem to be of good quality

  11. Taek Park (verified owner)

  12. Didier (verified owner)

    Really like the look of the DRL and the amber turn signal. Low beam is a real improvement, not so much for the headlights. The fact that they are ADR approved was a determining factor for me.

    Image #1 from Didier
    Image #2 from Didier
  13. Daniel (verified owner)

    Best lights, couldnt be happier.

  14. Mark Fisher (verified owner)

    Great lights

  15. Robert H. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product, produces great light. Easy to install in my Land Rover Defender (MY 2013)

  16. Andrew Jones (verified owner)

  17. Jack Dennis (verified owner)

  18. Luke (verified owner)

  19. rob westlund (verified owner)

  20. Lee Todorovic (verified owner)

    They seem to have a hazy in side as if the boys didn’t clean them before assembly and one has a finger print .
    All att. Some photos
    I hope that’s visible in pic.

    Image #1 from Lee Todorovic
    Image #2 from Lee Todorovic
  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really nice, as advertised however, does have access sealer that was not cleaned off properly when the lens and housing were glued together. I now have concerns it will seal when wet. Other than that. Fine.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fit easily and looks great in my 1986 Suzuki Sierra.

  23. Cameron Jones (verified owner)

  24. Mark Egginton (verified owner)

  25. Mal (verified owner)

    They work very well and I’m very happy with their overall look, performance and how easy they went into my car

    Image #1 from Mal
    Image #2 from Mal
  26. Joel Aplin (verified owner)

  27. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Super easy install with simple wiring. Got additional free JTX stickers which is great. Lights turned out amazing and are way brighter than the terrible stock GQ patrol headlights.

  28. Liam Earles (verified owner)

    Super happy with the look of the headlights but unfortunately they already have moisture in them after not even 2 days of being in the car. My mate has a set too but his don’t seem to have any moisture in them

    Image #1 from Liam Earles
    Image #2 from Liam Earles
    Image #3 from Liam Earles
  29. Blake Hyden (verified owner)

  30. Luke (verified owner)

    Fantastic Australian made product

  31. Aron Berger (verified owner)

  32. Hugo T. (verified owner)


  33. Patrick Ridley (verified owner)

    Hi Guys having trouble the lights won’t fit in mounting case fins hit on back have to cut mounting case to fit.

    Image #1 from Patrick Ridley
    Image #2 from Patrick Ridley
  34. Simon B. (verified owner)

    Easy install, all plug and play. And the canbus modules work perfectly in the Toyotas

  35. Jack Zee (verified owner)

    Looks great arrived on time, haven’t put them in yet

  36. Tom (verified owner)

    Haven’t yet installed them, but so far I’m very happy with them. Also the included stickers are an awesome bonus

  37. Nathan Peck (verified owner)

    Simple to put in and so bright. Not to mention looks great!

    Image #1 from Nathan Peck
    Image #2 from Nathan Peck
  38. Gregory Keen (verified owner)

    Did not fit the buckets in a wb Holden and had to cut these to clear the back of the light.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They look sick, really happy that I can now see, not hard to install however some may benefit from an install video/ instructions for specific vehicles

  40. Bruce ONeale (verified owner)

  41. Luke M. (verified owner)

    These lights are awesome real easy to install have made a huge difference to my car
    Thanks for supplying a great product

  42. Jamie Albury (verified owner)

    So far these seem to be great quality!

    Instructions were pretty simple to follow and the Installation was straight forward!

    It suggested to wire the halo off a switch in the dash but I just piggy backed them off the parkers to avoid the extra wiring! If she goes flat that’s on me haha.

    -I’d recommend getting some one handy with wiring to help if you aren’t confident. Other it is mostly plug and play! The load module makes things alot easier!

    If there’s anything cons it’s only that the mounting hole for the load module is too small and too close to the module itself to be able to fit a bolt in it.

    Other than that I’m very happy with this product!

    The old candles couldn’t cut it any longer! And neither could the car hitting those potholes I could see at night.

    Image #1 from Jamie Albury
  43. Bruce Gurney (verified owner)

  44. Zac Wells (verified owner)

    Easy to install, and work great compared to factory lights especially on low beam

    Image #1 from Zac Wells
  45. Greg Coulston (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, great lights and easy to install

  46. Justin (verified owner)

    Bloody amazing lights. Made an excellent upgrade to the 70 series.

  47. Jessica M. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted/needed!!! Perfect thankyou

  48. Ian O’Hara (verified owner)

    Fantastic service, purchased on a Thursday and they arrived in Adelaide on the following Saturday. Steve was very knowledgeable and gave me great advise when selecting the lights for our 1979 Corolla bash car. Would recommend them to everyone.

    Image #1 from Ian O'Hara
  49. Justin C. (verified owner)

    Easy to install and good light output

  50. Shayne E. (verified owner)

    Overall m relatively pleased with the product, couple of minor grumbles, there appears to be silicone on the inside of the lens (small but there) and the online messaging service….don’t bother

  51. Mikayla Bowd (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and nice and bright

    Image #1 from Mikayla Bowd
  52. Adam (verified owner)

    Great hassle free service, lights are a great addition to the FJ40

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    great to deal with response time to email enquiry awesome great effort guys

  54. Craig (verified owner)

    Great product works a treat and easy to in stall. But please do the right thing by others and adjust them accordingly. Blinding oncoming traffic is not safe for anyone.

  55. Matthew Muir (verified owner)

    Don’t work on me car everything I tried nothing worked not even bright mates ones are better and their ones work in their cars

  56. Harley O. (verified owner)

    Easy installation, completely changes the look of the car, bought these for my 91 gq patrol and absolutely love them and love supporting Australian businesses. My only critique is that there isn’t much difference from hi and low beam.

  57. Steve Hobbs (store manager)

    Hey mate…did you get in touch to talk about the problem? Have you got them working yet?

  58. Peter Allen (verified owner)

    A great assessory for my Landrover. These are truely excellent Australian made LED Headlights. I have purchased two sets so far, including a set for my 1985 110 County Landrover. They make driving at night so much better. The white light is so clear and sharp, even after 50 years of driving. I would highly recommend the JTX lights, they are very well made as well.Thankyou

    Image #1 from Peter Allen
  59. Chris Van Kesteren (verified owner)

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