7″ LED “N7” (Pair)

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This is one pair of lights.

These draw less power than your regular halogen / HID globes, and are ADR approved too, meaning they’re legal in every state.


These are a very modern stand out light – the DRL is a white halo as well as oval in the middle – That all flashes Amber when indicating. The reflector is prismatic and manages the spread of light very well. We have sold these to cars that go on show and even been in magazine write ups etc. If you want a light that really gets comments then this is it.

These are 7″ round headlights and they fit all 7″ round applications. We have sold thousands and we are yet to have a car with 7″ lights they dont fit. They are to suit Australian left side of road and are legal in all states. In fact they have ADR cert stamped on the lens and come with an ADR certificate.

JTX LED lights are made by us here in Melbourne. We carry all the components to make up all colour combinations. We make them up and send next day or even same day if we know soon enough. We are the only manufacturer of LED headlights in Australia – please consider supporting Australian businesses.

These are unbreakable. They come with a lifetime warranty and we will replace a light even if it is damaged in a collision. You cant even break them with a hammer.

They have breathers so as to avoid fogging or condensation and we have a breather kit option (just like diff breathers) for the serious off roader likely to do bonnet depth creek crossings. JTX are the preferred light chosen by the off road racing guys.

Wiring up the Day Running Lights is very easy They get their earth through the 3 pin H4 headlight socket. The red wire is to power the primary DRL colour. so wire that to the parkers or to a power source that comes on with the ignition. The yellow wire powers the secondary colour which is typically amber in which case connect to indicator or to a separate switch if you have a twin colour set up like red and white.

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 12 cm
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2 reviews for 7″ LED “N7” (Pair)

  1. Hayden W. (verified owner)

  2. Dennis H. (verified owner)

    They look great, were easy to fit and work well. The ability to wire the halo as a running light and indicator is a great feature, and the headlight is much brighter than the old halogen.

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    Image #2 from Dennis H.
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