LED Headlight Breather Kit

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Breather lines from each light merge into one and run up to a high point on your firewall, inside your snorkel or up under the dash inside the car. Just like running breathers on your diffs. Your lights become totally waterproof.

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When we started out doing these lights years ago they were totally sealed which made them waterproof however they could condensate or fog up with temperature changes. It did dry up 100% but was a cause for concern. We solved this with gortex breather pads but in extreme deep water the gortex breathers were no match to the laws of physics sucking cold water into a hot light and some customers reported water getting in. It was quite rare but we felt we had to address it.

So here is the ultimate solution for these guys.

Not everyone needs these. Truck drivers, harley riders, people with custom rides and classic show cars are not likely to be negotiating deep water. But the Patrol, Jeep, Suzuki Sierra and Landcruiser guys should be most interested.

No special tools required. All you need is a bit of silicon sealant – black is best. This breather kit comes with easy to follow instructions with plenty of pictures. It is a very easy job and anyone can do it.

These are legal in all states of Australia and compliant with Australian Design Rule ADR 13/00.

10 reviews for LED Headlight Breather Kit

  1. Ian Macpherson (verified owner)

    quality looks great. Can’t wait to install

  2. Didier (verified owner)

    Used the breather kit, needed some more info for the install, phoned and got the advice I was looking for.

  3. Logan Ryle (verified owner)

    I for some reason only order 1 kit for 4 lights, Other then that good!

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  4. Mark Ritting (verified owner)

  5. Gillian Williams (verified owner)

    Very helpful

  6. Joe Ricketts (verified owner)

  7. Ryley Melhuish (verified owner)

    Good kit if you love driving through water

  8. Aydin Y. (verified owner)

  9. Tim Lynne (verified owner)

    Product quality is great postage was great well packaged

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

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