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D2S HID Globe (Single)


This is 1x globe, designed to be a replacement or for other single globe applications. If you’re interested in buying a full kit, check out our page for that.

Typically this premium globe will work on just about every single HID kit out there on the market. We sell to a lot of people who have had trouble with cheap kits.


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The glass tube is narrow enough to fit lights without having to file the light out (a common fault with a lot of others). All JTX HID globes have precise location of the bright spot consistent with conventional Halogen globes so as to ensure perfect focus  something LED globes don’t do very well.

Our JTX HID globes generate just 15% more heat than a conventional incandescent bulb of the same watts. So with a 55w ballast this HID bulb generates less heat than a conventional 65w bulb (which is normal high beam for most cars) and so there is no fading or problems with lights and even plastic headlights.
The most common myth is people get confused between colour ratings and brightness. Brightness is achieved by the watts of your ballast.  The colour ratings set at the factory determine the “whiteness” or amount of “blue” the lights produce. 4300k is our default colour and is pure white. 6000k is white with a hint of blue.
This rating is certainly not a brightness like a lot of people think (They feel the bigger the number the brighter it must be) in fact the darker the colour the less effective it becomes. Have you ever heard of a dark light being bright?
Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 8 cm
Globe Colour / Temp

4,300K (White), 6,000K (White with a hint of Blue)