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HID Kit (H1, 150W, 6000K)


Product contains: 2x H1 6000K Globes, 2x 150W Ballasts, 1x Wiring Kit and instructions.

These are considerably brighter than factory.  Imagine 8 to 10 times better. So not just brighter light also significantly greater distance.

But please note that the ballasts in this kit are monsters and will not fit inside your lights. If you want absolutely awesome light in 150W HID you have to accept that the ballasts have to be external.

If you are after a more specific kit, use our HID Kit Builder.

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HID is either ON or it is OFF. It will not dim down like a normal globe with low voltage. So it is critical your HID solution can handle voltage issues. To avoid voltage problems associated with wiring and fitting this kit comes with its own high power loom and relay. This eliminates the problems we get with poor wiring and fitting and offers the ballasts the best chance to perform.

The globes have ceramic bodies so they can handle the heat and dont pass the heat onto the light.

These being 120W ea is the same tax on the car as a normal set of spotties. Remember they have their own heavy duty power loom so no additional wiring or extra relays required.

These reach full brightness in about 3 seconds and that’s very fast in HID

H1 globes fit many applications but we know for certain they fit …

  • Hella Rallye 2000, 4000 and Compacts
  • Narva Ultima 225 & Taurus Bull Light
  • Cibie Oscar and Super Oscar
  • Lightforce with Adaptors

Wiring is dead easy. It plugs up only one way, attach the heavy red wire with built in fuse to the battery and earth the black wire. There is a socket to receive a switching wire that fires this system up and that’s it. Pretty easy. Re the switching, tap into a hi beam wire (comes on whenever you are in hi beam only) and feed that wire up through a switch on the dash (so you can have it come on with high beams or not at all) then run that wire back to the switch socket (red) and earth (black). And now given the switch on the dash is on, this crazy bright lighting system will fire up and shut down automatically with your high beam.

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 11 × 22 × 22 cm


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