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HID Kit (H4, 55W, 4300K)


Product contains: 2x H4 4300K Globes, 2x 55W Ballasts, 1x Wiring kit and instructions.

This kit comes with our premium JTX alloy globes. We pride ourselves knowing our JTX alloy globes are the only ones out there which can withstand up to 150 watts. Our glass is seated in ceramic and the body wont melt or go brittle because it is alloy. Plastic globes do not last long.

If you are after a more specific kit, use our HID Kit Builder.

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The globes are exclusive to us – we identified where the normal H4 HID globes were failing and addressed these with the factory. The following improvements were made …

  • Internal improvements to connections, gases and materials like stainless steel and higher grade copper.
  • Can only be clicked together just 1 way – eliminates being mounted upside down causing light scatter in low beam
  • The lock in is a lot more secure. The cheaper globes would wriggle loose and the globe body would fall out while driving and set fire to the rubber boot or anything combustible it comes into contact with – that was primarily the start of our quest for the ultimate JTX H4 alloy HID globe.
  • The body is not plastic but alloy and the globe base is seated in ceramic. Means it can tolerate much higher temperatures and not melt. Cheaper globes tended to melt with 55w or 70w ballasts. These are working great with 70w ballasts and now with our new super loom we can use these globes with our 150w ballasts – now that says something.
  • 100% waterproof. This will work completely submerged under water.
  • The alloy body is cnc machined aluminium and will not rust or corrode. It will not crack, split or fatigue like the plastic ones once subjected to heat.

When you flick between high and low beams one does not turn off and the other turn on. The light stays on and so there is no warm up period between changes. In low beam the light is shaded from the reflector so light only bounces off the top half of the reflector and shines forwards and downwards (low beam). When you flick to high beam the stalk of the globe pulls inwards and so it is no longer shaded and light reaches the entire reflector and now it also shines upwards (high beam)

These fit straight into our semi sealed lights which we also offer on our store.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 11 cm


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