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H4 / H4-3 HID Wiring Kit

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This is included when you buy a JTX H4 HID Kit 

This only suits people who already have HID H4 High/Low beam globes and HID ballasts.

This wiring harness was engineered here at JTX and solves over heating and over loading through the use of high power ballasts. It also automatically handles the reverse polarity and earth switching of vehicles such as Toyota.

Ideally we have listed these so people can buy a spare harness with relay or pick up a replacement for a kit that is out of warranty. What is common are customers who bought other cheap kits from other sellers and their warranty replacements are no better than the rubbish they first received so now they buy a quality relay in a quality harness.

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Why our wiring kits are better:

  • We use much thicker and more durable wires than other sellers, ensuring you that they will last longer.
  • The traditional looms have a plug which is known for bad connections, voltage drops and ultimately burning out. We’ve gotten rid of the plug to solve that problem and it is now just one unit.
  • Our looms also support higher power systems, such as 150W systems.

The one harness controls both HID headlights. It is managed by just 1 of your headlight sockets and the second headlight socket in your car remains empty. If you have 4 headlights you could make all 4 hi and lo HID and simply buy a second HID and plug the second harness into that second outer head light socket – it’s that easy and then all 4 lights are low beam and hi beam.

Fitting is easy. No soldering or cutting wires.

  • The Harness plugs into 1 x headlight socket. That’s how the relay is triggered for on and off and hi vs low beams.
  • The Harness has 1 x red cable with fuse to connect to “+” on the battery.
  • At each ballast plug the harness needs the small black wires to be earthed on a metal ground point on the car.
  • The Ballasts plug into the harness and the main power wires for the globes plug into the ballasts. The ballasts convert the battery voltage to 23,000 volts as that produces an arc (or continuous spark) across the void of xenon gas which produces the light. No fragile parts or anything that can wear out so they last forever.
  • The Harness has 2 small plugs which plug into each globe – these tell the globe to switch between hi and lo beams. The globes each have a solenoids which pull the globe stalk inwards so that the bright spot of the globe is no longer shaded from the bottom of the reflector but also moves into the reflector’s focal point. That produces a very effective hi beam light pattern.
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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 7 cm

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