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HB4 Halogen Globes (Single)


This is a single 12V, 55W HB4 (9006) Globe.

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There are no tricks here – no blue coating gimmicks or trick wording like HID. These are conventional globes that pass electricity through a thin wire that glows red hot inside a Halogen Gas and so that makes it glow brighter.

They shine a white light. The better your wires are the brighter they will be. If you have low current wires then there will be a hint of yellowing.

We also sell quality relays you can use to run a heavy wire direct from battery to globes to maximise the volts at the globe. The relay turns the power on and off to the globes and receives its signal to do so from your old thin factory wires.

All glass globes require that you don’t touch the glass with your fingers. The reason is that oil from your skin gets super hot on the glass when the lights are on and this can cause the glass to break.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 5 cm