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Our LED Headlights have a lifetime replace or repair warranty, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

All other products (e.g. HID Kits, globes, glass lights) have a 1-year replace or repair warranty, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Faulty products must be received by us before a replacement or refund is sent.

We used to send replacement lights and expect the faulty one back and 2 things happened that ruined that idea.
a) a lot of people never sent the faulty light back
b) a lot of lights we got back were totally fine and it was poor fault finding (auto elecs and mechanics can be the worst).
So we started quite a collection of old lights we couldn't sell and lost a lot of new lights. So now all warranty repairs and replacements require your faulty light back for testing before a replacement is sent.

We do appreciate that taking a light out and sending it to us becomes an issue if that car needs to be driven. We recommend fitting the original light or globe back in for the meanwhile and if not we can send you a regular glass light on loan. When we get your light we will test it then repair, replace or return it. What gets sent back to you is a working light.

To avoid the frustration of us returning a light that had nothing wrong with it we recommend a few basic tests everyone is capable of doing.

  • The process of elimination. Swap the light between left and right and see if the problem swaps sides with the light or stays on that same side with wiring etc. If the problem swaps side, it is safe to assume that the problem lies within the light. If, however, the problem persists on that side of the car, then the issue is with the wiring.
  • Is the battery charged and engine running? Some people flatten a battery when fitting lights. Some cars have significant voltage drop in wiring and if engine is running the alternator charge is then enough to make lights work. LED and HID are voltage sensitive unlike traditional halogen lights.
  • Bypass the car's electrics and harnesses and connect a light straight off the battery with 2 wires from the + and - on a good battery.

Before sending us back a light in a box, please include a note of why the light is being returned and what address you wish to have it returned to. This way we can effectively diagnose the issue and help you as soon as possible.

Our address for returns is:
JTX Lighting
PO Box 298, Somerville, VIC, 3912