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4×6″ Regular Outers w/ Halo


This is one pair of 4×6″ high and low beam outer headlights with Halos.

Globes not included.

These are multi purpose high and low beam lights. They will outperform the standard lights. The reflector is smooth curved and the glass is rippled to spread the light wide and downwards to the right so as to not blind oncoming cars. That’s what makes them DOT / ADR compliant and legal on our roads in Australia.

Note that only white or amber halo can be on while driving on the road. If you prefer a different colour then you will need to exercise discretion when you choose to have it on.

The size is 4″ x 6″ and they suit ..

  • Landcruiser 80 series – all models
  • Landcruiser 61 and 62 series with rectangular lights
  • Any other vehicle with twin rectangular lights.

They are a direct replacement of your normal outer pair of hi and low beam lights and use your cars existing wiring loom. No mods and just a medium size phillips head screw driver is the only tool you need.

They suit the 3 pin H4 globes.

The great thing about semi sealed lights such as these and the use of H4 globes is that:
a) if you blow a globe you only have to change the globe and they are cheap.
b) you have a large choice of globe output wattage up to 100W low and 130W high.

Wiring up the Day Running Lights is very easy. There are just 2 wires for the DRL – a power and an earth. The most common set up is to connect the power to the park lights but you could choose to have them come on with the ignition or you can also have a manual on/off switch inside the car.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 16 cm
Halo Colour

Amber, Red, Green


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