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1x Ballast

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This is a single H.I.D Ballast.

All HID kits use the same plugs so this will work with other HID kits.

(2x JTX Ballasts are included in our HID Kits)

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Like everything JTX these are the very best –

  • they reach full brightness the fastest.
  • they wont cause static on the radio
  • they are guaranteed for 2 years but you can expect 20-30 years of great driving with them
  • totally waterproof
  • they are true watts – we test Volts and Amps to calculate the true power.

In the world of HID these plugs are universal. That means you can replace a ballast from another kit with this ballast and your old HID globes will work with our new JTX ballast. So you can replace an old failed ballast with this unit or you can upgrade a cheap kit purchased elsewhere a while ago with these quality ballasts.

If you have a HID light not working it could be a ballast, a globe, poor wiring or poor voltage which could be from a tired battery or from poor wiring. But the easiest way to narrow things down is swap parts around like swap just the ballasts between left and right lights and see if the problem swapped sides with the old ballast or did it stay with the globe. Then swap just the globes. By the process of elimination you can quickly establish if you need to replace a ballast or a globe.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 7 cm

35W, 55W, 70W, 150W

2 reviews for 1x Ballast

  1. Graeme (verified owner)

    Great customer service and high quality product

  2. Cameron Thompson (verified owner)

    Super satisfied with the products from JTX

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