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HID Extension Cables


This is one only 1m long extension leads for HID ballasts.

All of my kits, and basically every other kit out there has about 30-50cm of play between HID globe and HID ballast. In many cases you haven’t enough length to locate the ballast behind the grill or in the engine bay so the ballasts sit next to the light or inside the bull bar void.

This 1m long extension lead permits you to locate a ballast a further 1m away and the engine bay is very achievable. You can go even further by adding another lead to the equation and going for a 2m extension.

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You can not just cut and lengthen a globe wire no matter how well insulated your joins are. HID works by jumping a spark or arc of electricity across a field of xenon gas. That requires big voltage, 23,000V in fact. It works by using a managed shorting out process. A lot of work goes into making sure there is no other shorting out going on because by its very nature at 23,000V the power wants to leak out. Cutting and joining 23,000V wire is sure to bring on failure. These are a very cheap item and a great solution to running ballasts further away without short outs.

The plugs are standard HID male and female fittings and will fit any brand of HID kit, no matter old or new or whether it is just 35W, our regular 55W or our thumping 150W.

These are sold as singles. If you want 2 x extension leads then nominate qty x 2.


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm